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Smart Riddles

- Best riddles application

From little riddles for little people to smart riddles for grown-ups. We have them all! Share them with your friends or try to answer all by yourself.

Great way to spend some quality time with your kid.

We can give a hint, or a correct letter or remove some incorrect letters, the choice is yours.

Collect coins for spending by guessing the answers, sharing with your friends, rating the application or downloading a free game. Spend your coins wisely.

  • share riddles with friends
  • help available with hints, reveal correct letter and remove incorrect letter options
  • hundreds of levels to solve

Think your brain training is OK, that you are good with riddles and puzzles? I'm not going to give you a Gold Cup if you solve them, but I'm sure you'll have more confidence in your skills when you complete the game. Need a big dose of entertainment? Ready for some brain teasers? Put your brain on beast mode and have fun!

Put your brain on beast mode and have fun!

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